Faculty & Staff

Office Staff


Sophie Roch Piersol
Interim Director

Sophie Roch Piersol has held the Lead Teacher position in Fairwind’s Preschool II program since 2015. In addition to her role as Lead Teacher, Sophie is currently serving as Interim Director. Sophie works closely with the Board of Directors and Office Manager to efficiently operate FLC, while ensuring that students are provided a safe, happy, and enriching environment. Sophie lives in Marblehead with her husband, three children and two dogs. Sophie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, is Director Level I certified, and is currently pursuing Director Level II certification.
​​​​​​​She is committed to her professional advancement and is continually taking classes in Early Childhood Development. Since her start with Fairwind in 2015, Sophie has always been proud to be part of a team that supports each child in their quest to reach their fullest potential.

Anne Tassel-Todisco
Office Manager

Anne Tassel-Todisco has worked as the Office Manager at Fairwind since 2015. She is a native Marbleheader who still resides in her hometown. Anne attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Services. She feels very lucky to be able to work in such a bright, beautiful school and loves the connections she makes with the children and their families. Anne worked in the medical field for most of her professional life, first as an administrative assistant at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and later as a medical transcriptionist and biller at a busy North Shore medical practice for 22 years.

She has two wonderful children; a son who lives in New York City and a daughter who recently graduated from Boston University. Anne is an avId badminton and pickleball player and also enjoys photography.
Our Toddler Team
Lacey Blaisdell

Toddler Lead Teacher


Lacey Blaisdell has been the Lead Teacher of our Toddler program since 2019, and prior to that she worked as the Toddler Assistant Teacher and a substitute teacher at Fairwind. Lacey holds her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in Boston. She is certified as a Preschool, Infant, and Toddler teacher through Massachusetts Early Education and Care. Lacey has taught a variety of ages, from toddlers to first grade. While pursuing her master’s degree, she worked at a private preschool in Newton MA, teaching children ages 2-5 years.

After graduation, she taught Kindergarten for six years in the Chelsea Public Schools. Lacey believes the most important part of your child’s first school experience is creating a lifelong love of learning in a safe, creative environment.

Kathy Sweetland

Toddler Assistant Teacher

Teaching has been a calling of Kathy’s for as long as she can remember. A graduate of Dartmouth College, she began her career teaching kindergarten in both public and private schools. Kathy has worked as our Toddler Assistant Teacher since 2019 and, prior to that, she worked as an assistant in Fairwind’s TK classroom for three years. Kathy is passionate about helping children develop self-confidence and a love of learning. She also believes in fostering a partnership with parents and enjoys celebrating student’s successes with their families. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Kathy and her husband have lived in Marblehead for over 10 years and have two wonderful sons. She enjoys boating, tennis, skiing, knitting, reading and cooking with her family. Kathy loves teaching within Marblehead’s community and having the opportunity to see students grow over the years.

Our Preschool I Team

Gail Rowe
Preschool I Lead Teacher 

Gail Rowe has lead programs at Fairwind since 2017, having developed both the Preschool I and Toddler programs. Prior to being a Lead Teacher, she worked as a substitute teacher at Fairwind. Gail holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education as well as an associate degree in Infant/Toddler Care. She worked with young children and their families in an early intervention program while pursuing her degree.

Gail spent several years teaching in the Lynn Public School system at the Pre-K level and volunteers as a religious education teacher in Marblehead. Gail relishes the opportunity to provide young children with opportunities to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, and to discover their world through literature, age-appropriate materials, and theme-based activities. Gail lives in Marblehead with her husband and four children. She enjoys reading, biking, being by the ocean, and spending time with her family.

Deanna Grinnell
Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Deanna Grinnell joined Fairwind in 2019. She worked as a long-term substitute in Fairwind’s Preschool II classroom then joined the Preschool I program as Assistant Teacher. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Economics/Business from Lafayette College, but realized her true passion for helping others and earned a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services in 2016. Deanna worked for several years in the mental health field at Lahey Health and Salem State Health Center, while earning her degree.

Before joining Fairwind, Deanna earned her CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching Adults) through Cambridge University and enjoyed teaching English to adults from all over the world. Deanna has completed her teacher certification in Early Childhood Education. She is also a certified yoga teacher and has taught in several local studios.Deanna loves working with young children and enjoys creating unique relationships built on trust and understanding so that each student can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Deanna believes that utilizing a strength-based approach with an emphasis on social-emotional development provides each student the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Our Preschool II Team


Sophie Roch Piersol
Preschool II Lead Teacher​

Sophie Piersol has been the Preschool II Lead Teacher since 2015, as she joined Fairwind the very first year it was open. Sophie discovered her passion for teaching when she started taking care of children over 20 years ago. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and holds certifications as both a teacher and a director. Sophie previously worked as a preschool teacher in local learning centers and was the owner and director of an in-home French preschool, “Un Jardin d’Enfants.”​​​​​​​

In the classroom, Sophie encourages exploration, creativity, and respect for one another. She believes that children learn actively by having hands-on experiences with their surroundings. In her classroom, learning is supported through consistent daily routines that reflect and build upon the children’s ideas and interests. Her philosophy has always been “play to learn and learn to play.” Sophie understands the importance and value of involving parents in her classroom, where families will have opportunities to share their unique knowledge and create positive relationships.

Our Transitional Kindergarten Team

Lydia Gilman
Transitional Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Lydia Gilman has been the Lead Teacher in the Transitional Kindergarten program since 2018. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and is currently completing her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Creative Arts at Lesley University. Lydia previously taught in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom at Tower School for six years and also worked as a special education paraprofessional in the Beverly School District.​​​​​​​

Lydia loves teaching this age group and witnessing the children’s genuine curiosity as they learn, grow, and explore. She readily uses her training in the Responsive Classroom approach to create a joyful and engaging classroom community with an emphasis on social-emotional learning to build students’ academic skills. When Lydia is not happily teaching, she enjoys being active outside in all seasons and spending time with her husband, her son, and her overly excited Goldendoodle.

Judy Sands
Transitional Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Judy Sands joined Fairwind as the TK Assistant Teacher in 2019. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education from the University of Hartford. Judy has extensive teaching experience and has worked in various school settings for over 20 years. Prior to Fairwind, she spent 12 years working as a Kindergarten paraprofessional at the North Beverly Elementary School. In addition, Judy worked as a Preschool teaching assistant for several years and is a private literacy and reading tutor.​​​​​​​

Judy strives to develop close and trusting relationships with families and children and provides a nurturing, safe, and positive environment for them to learn and grow. Judy finds it greatly rewarding teaching this age group and watching her students’ academic and social emotional growth develop throughout the school year.

Jill Gridley
Transitional Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Jill Gridley joined Fairwind in 2015 and has been an Assistant Teacher in the TK program since 2016. Prior to joining the TK team, Jill worked as a substitute teacher and then as an Assistant Teacher in the Preschool II program. Previously, Jill was a registered nurse in England and holds a degree in occupational therapy. Throughout her clinical experience, she provided pediatric health care for neurological and developmental disorders. Her passion for early childhood education was realized during her varied clinical experiences. Jill believes in a holistic approach to support each child as they reach their full potential in play, friendship, and exploration. During her free time, Jill loves to travel, play badminton, practice yoga, kayak, hike, and garden.