Home Activities

This list of activities was complied as a resource for things you can do with your child to inspire creativity and learning.  These ideas are simple, fun, and allow you to build a close bond with your child as you spend time together.  Remember to unplug during this special time with your child and give them your full attention.  Enjoy!

*Create a family photo journal from an outing and have your child dictate or write the captions. 

*Ask a friend or family member to be your child’s pen pal and help your child keep up the correspondence.

*Have a family board game night.  Many games promote academic skills including math, deductive reasoning skills and literacy.

*Play word games during car trips…

“I Spy” use the outside surroundings

“I am thinking of an animal…” and give three characteristics

*Give your child a notebook or clipboard with the alphabet printed out and challenge them to find the letters in order on the signs, etc you pass along the way.  You could do the same activity with numbers.

*Choose a tree in your yard or local park and have your child draw it during the four seasons.

*Make still life drawings of plants and flowers in your yard.

*Make a batch of play dough and teach them how to roll “balls” and “snakes.”

*Form letters with different materials including yarn, spaghetti, play dough, pipe cleaners or sticks found outside.

*Practice writing letters/words/numbers in sand, flour, salt, paint, shaving cream or a steamy shower door. 

*Use coins, beans, rice, cereal, dried pasta or buttons to form letters or numbers.

*Use chalk or water and a paintbrush to write letters/words/numbers.

*Find and cut out letters from magazines and newspapers.

*Go on a neighborhood walk and count how many American flags you see.

*Go on a “Flashlight Walk” around your neighborhood at night.  Be sure to take proper safety precautions.  You can listen for animal sounds, play “I SPY” or draw letters with the beam of light from your flashlight.

*Count all the doors, windows or beds around your house.

*Perform “acts of kindness” for your family, friends and neighbors.

*Cook/bake with your children.  Let them pour, measure and mix.

*Have your child sort clothing for the laundry or have them pair up matching socks.

*Go on a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

*Set up a tent indoors on a rainy day and curl up with some books.

*Play card games (UNO, Go Fish, Old Maid, War)

*Let your child help care for family pets and plants.

*Plant and tend to a garden.

*Go Letterboxing or Geocaching    

*Collect found items on a nature walk and make a collage.

*Take your child to the grocery store to pick out a new fruit or veggie to try.  Have a family taste test.

*Visit your local library or museum.

*Make cards for family, friends and neighbors.

*Set up a bird feeder and observe.  Draw and write about your visitors.

*Put on some music and have a dance party.

*Put one sticker on a paper and have your child create the rest of the scene.