Preschool I Program

Our Preschool I Team
Gail Rowe and Jean Sheehy

Program Details:

*Children who are three years of age by December 2017.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:45 am - 12:00 pm

*We can be flexible with the age requirements. We look at each child as an individual. 

Our Preschool I program is designed for children who will turn three years old by December, 2017. It is a hands-on, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program that builds the foundation for a love of learning. We provide a safe, stimulating, and playful environment where children develop the behavioral and language skills to successfully interact with their classmates and teachers. Our teachers focus on the social and emotional needs of the three year old and emphasize cooperation, sharing, communication, and independence.

Our program implements a curriculum that promotes social, emotional, physical, language, cognitive learning and development while engaging our students in dynamic experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  The curriculum is enriched through natural discovery and monthly themes and projects that incorporate art, music, science, cooking, health and nutrition, social studies, and shared reading experiences. Lessons are taught through sensory motor and cooperative play activities that offer opportunities for children to develop an understanding of themselves and curriculum topics. Preschool age skills are taught in the context of daily routines, natural exploration, outdoor experiences, teacher designed learning centers, multi-sensory projects, and cooperative play.

Our goal is for your child to develop their self-confidence, imagination, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and build friendships while fostering a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning. Our students will spend their mornings in a supportive and nurturing environment where they will explore, discover, learn, share, and have fun!

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