Preschool II Program

Our Preschool II Team

Program Details
*Children who are four years of age by December. 
Five-Full day Program (8:30 am -2:45 pm)
If space permits we will open up a Five-Half day option
June 1, 2017.
*We can be flexible with the age requirements.
We look at each child as an individual. 

The Preschool II program at Fairwind Learning Center is a class designed for children turning four years old by December 1st.  Preschool is a magical year where children are filled with curiosity and wonder. They are so excited to touch, feel, explore, and question everything in their environment.  At Fairwind we encourage children to ask questions and become problem solvers. Students have opportunities every day to make choices in their learning which empowers them to use materials and equipment in more creative and innovative ways.  We look at each child as a unique individual with different experiences, interests, and backgrounds. 

Preschool children have a natural sense of curiosity that we use to teach them to learn and grow. Through independent study, structured activities and hands-on learning, children will work on preschool skills in all curriculum areas and facets of their development.  Our main focus throughout the day is that our students are safe, engaged in active learning, having fun, learning how to be a kind and respectful friend, developing an appreciation for individual differences, respecting their environment, and recognizing their uniqueness and special talents.

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