Transitional Kindergarten


8:15 am -2:45 pm
Children who will typically turn five years of age by December
Children who could benefit from one more year in a pre-kindergarten readiness classroom
*We can be flexible with the age requirements. Exceptions can be made based on the individual child.​​​​

Our bright and cheerful classrooms provide an atmosphere which nurtures a positive and exciting learning environment and engages children in all facets of their development. The children will work in collaboration with peers and independently as they participate in age-appropriate activities that build their readiness skills for kindergarten. We guide the children in developing skills through thematic units of study that spark their imagination, curiosity, and interests. We thoughtfully design learning centers that create a fun, hands-on, stimulating learning atmosphere in which the children are excited to play, ask questions, and explore.

Our emphasis is on creating a supportive and nurturing learning environement where children are encouraged to show kindness and empathy as well as an understanding for differences. Our goal is that our students will develop positive self esteem, confidence within themselves, and a love for learning.  We believe by creating a caring community it fosters both social and academic success as children PLAY, LAUGH, SING, and have FUN! 

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